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What is Inositol?

Similar to vitamin, inositol is essential metabolism material of eukaryote and transmits signal as the main component of membrane phospholipid. Like glucose, inositol has six carbon atoms, all of which are full with phosphate and the status is called Inositol 6 Phosphate.

Inositol can be biosynthesized in the human body, but the biosynthesis amount is not sufficient. Therefore, it is recommended to take inositol from food (bean, malt, melon and orange) or from nutritional supplement.

Malt, a source of inositol supply



 Effect of Inositol

 1. Improving insomnia

Inositol supplies nutrients for brain cells and stabilizes nerve to help sound sleep. A UK Sleep Research Centre found that the insomnia was relieved in inositol-rich taken group, with the 500 female and male subjects with insomnia diagnosed.


2. Anticancer effect

Inositol increases immune function, thereby promoting natural killer cells that kill pathogenic bacteria such as cancer cells and virus. Inositol plays important role of protecting human body from cancer and bacterial infection.


3. Smooth lipid metabolism

As inositol helps human body use fat and cholesterol, it ensures lipid metabolism so that fat would not be accumulated in liver or blood vessels.



Related Article

1. A meta-analysis of Inositol for depression and anxiety disorders. (Mukai T1, Kishi T, Matsuda Y, Iwata N. Hum Psychopharmacol. 2014 Jan;29(1):55-63.)

: Inositol is effective on effectives with depression or anxiety disorder.


2. Effect of Inositol on bulimia nervosa and binge eating.(Gelber D1, Levine J, Belmaker RH. Int J Eat Disord. 2001 Apr;29(3):345-8.)

: Inositol is helpful for effectives with bulimia nervosa and overeating due to depression and obsession.



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