1. Q1Card payment is not proceeding properly.

    Check your card payment and press Pay to automatically install All-At Plug-in on your PC.

    If you don't be installed if you download and install a program be installed directly at the next url.

    [Manual Installation of General Payments]

    For the direct installation program, just click the "Install" button after downloading and it will be installed immediately.

    ※ If you install the payment module through manual installation, you must "refresh" the payment page in order to recognize the module and process the payment normally.

  2. Q2Is it possible to purchase non-members?

    If you know the hospital code, you can buy it even if you don't sign up as a member.

    Purchasing in Product Guide > Click Buy Non-Member, and then
    You can proceed with the purchase by entering the hospital code.

  3. Q3Can I sign up for membership only if I enter the code for the hospital and specialty store?

    You need to enter the hospital code to sign up.

    Regular consumers should visit the handling hospital and get the code.

  4. Q4How do I sign up for membership?

    You can sign up through the sign-up menu on the upper right side of the main page.

    General members need a hospital code, and this code can be issued by the medical institution that handles the meta-formula products you visited.

    In the case of hospital members, the sign-up information is:
    Main > Members-only access to the hospital. > Please refer to the explanation of the hospital membership guide.